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Dewey, Crocker, Stanford Points

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When concerning this hiking trail, the one thing that most people remember is the beautiful views of the entire Yosemite Valley. Known for their gorgeous sights, all three of these points give incredible vantage points, allowing hikers to see El Capitan, Bridalveil fall, Tunnel View, and more. Just remember, it is a pretty long hike, so bring a few extra snacks and water bottles when you go and try to hike it!


We call it a medium, but if it wasn’t for the length, it would definitely be an easy hike. The trail itself is mostly wide throughout its entirety, and you don’t have a lot of switchbacks or climbs to worry about, so most should be able to complete it with no problem. As long as you prepare correctly, you shouldn’t have any difficulty whatsoever.

Length and Time

As we said, this is a pretty long hiking trail. Even the shortest route (turning around after Dewey Point) is 7.8 miles round trip, meaning you will be out on the trail at least 3-6 hours. If you want to see the other points, however, you’re probably going to be out there even longer, as it is 9.2 miles to Crocker Point, and 10.5 to travel all 3 points. Keep that in mind when you are making your preparations.


Fortunately, because of the length you won’t have to worry much about how crowded it will be. Most people avoid it simply because they have to walk 7+ miles and don’t feel that it’s worth the exercise. We disagree, but their loss is your gain!

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