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Foresta Falls

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Only a few miles from Yosemite Valley, Foresta Falls offers all the sights and sounds of some of the great falls here in Yosemite without the crowds and tour buses you’ll find there. But, that’s not to say that a lack of crowds is its only highlight. With a beautiful forested backdrop, a 40 foot plunge, and close up views of the upstream cascades, Foresta Falls offers a beautiful hiking destination that is certainly worth visiting.


In a word, this hike is easy. It lacks the length of many of the “epic” walks around the area, and it also lacks many of the hazards. But, it is a great place for mountain bikers, and still offers fantastic views at the end that make the lack of difficulty extremely worth it.

Length and Hiking Time

It is only 2 miles long, so you won’t be hiking for more than an hour or so. But, save some time so you can hang out by the soothing falls and take some pics!

Best Time to Visit

Make sure you visit these falls during the springtime snowmelt, else you won’t be seeing any falls. This is when the water flow is at its peak and is, thus, much more impressive than you’ll see at any other period of the year.

Crowd Factor

Surprisingly enough, almost no one visits these falls, so you could very well have the entire place to yourself. It is definitely one of Yosemite’s least visited tourist destinations.

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