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Happy Isles

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Happy Isles is a great little hiking trail filled with pretty sights and laid back adventures. Perfect for those who just want to get outdoors for a little bit, this trail offers an easy experience that is fun but lacks the difficulty and strenuousness of other hiking trails. In short, if your conscience demands you to hike one trail before leaving, but you do not want to work up too much of a sweat, this is the trail for you!

Difficulty and Hiking Time

As we mentioned, Happy Isles is all about relaxation and getting outdoors. It has basically no elevation gain, is relatively low compared to most trailheads (at only 4,000 feet in elevation), and is a laidback trail that has very few natural hazards. It will take you thirty minutes to an hour to complete, and will give you the peace of mind that you were able to hike a bit during your stay in Yosemite, nothing more and nothing less!

Best Time to Visit

Definitely during the late summer and fall. During this time, the waters will be at a lower level, providing a more tranquil atmosphere. But, you’ll have to wait till June or August if you wish to visit the Nature Center.

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