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Harden Lake

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Why would you want to visit Harden Lake? Well, one of the main reasons would be the beautiful scenery that surrounds it, along with the excitement of visiting a lake. And, with an enjoyable hike through the always gorgeous Yosemite landscape, it definitely is something worth visiting at one point or another. We would say it doesn’t quite measure up to some of the other gorgeous lakes that you would be able to visit here, but it’s still Yosemite, meaning it’s always going to be a cut above what you will find else way. Besides, you’ll even get to visit a nice little meadow filled with wildflowers for your trouble, so what’s the harm?

Distance and Hike Time

With a 5.8 mile round trip hike time, it shouldn’t take you incredibly long to finish—most likely 3-5 hours, give or take. But, keep in mind that there is a bit of a difficulty curve that could derail that timeline, so don’t schedule things so closely that you end up missing out.

Best Time to Visit

Come on down during June/early July. This is when the wildflowers are blooming, and when you will get the most bang for your buck.

Extra Bonus

If you want to squeeze a little extra out of this hike, continuing an extra half-a-mile past the lake will get you some nice glimpses of the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne. You can also see a bit of the jagged peaks to the northeast, but, unfortunately, this view is mostly blocked by trees.

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