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Inspiration Point

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Let us start by saying this trail isn’t called Inspiration Point for nothing. For years, this has been the trail to visit if you want to get the most beautiful view of Yosemite Valley imaginable. Thousands of hikers come here to photograph the beauty of Yosemite, while basking in its incredible majesty. Truly, with the Wawona Tunnel overlook, the peak view, and the incredible views of the El Capitan and Half Dome, nothing is quite as inspirational as Inspiration Point.

When you should Visit

Arguably the main reason people visit here is to photograph the majesty of Yosemite Valley. So, if you are looking to do the same, make sure you hike this trail when the valley is at its most photogenic (i.e avoid hazy days and come when it’s bright and sunny. Honestly, we’d say any time of year is a great time to come here. But, many like the look of the sun reflecting off the snow, so it may be good to visit when there is snow on the ground.


Though not “non-existent” like Happy Isles, Inspiration Point is still not extremely difficult. It is only 1-2 hours long, and doesn’t experience any difficult switchbacks or other natural hazards. However, do keep in mind that the first half is quite steep, and the second half runs steadily uphill as well, so there is a bit of difficulty when it comes to tackling this hike. Overall, we would give it a medium/easy difficulty.

Crowd Factor

For the most part, it’s not extremely crowded; however, Wawona can get a bit dicey depending on the time of year. Overall, you might have some difficulty finding a prime spot for photography, but you will never feel overcrowded.

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