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Lembert Dome

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With a gorgeous vantage point overlooking Tuolumne Meadows and more, Lembert Dome is an underappreciated sight that is sure to not disappoint. During June and July, when the meadows below are bright green, the sights here are pretty unforgettable, and can truly provide some great photo opportunities. Plus, if you are a bit of a trail seeker, the hike up to the summit is actually pretty enjoyable. While not too difficult, it does provide hikers with a journey that will cause them to break a sweat, which isn’t something you can say about every hiking trail here. Overall, this is definitely a great place to visit if you’ve already seen the best that Yosemite can offer.

Distance and Difficulty

Though it is only a 2.8 mile round trip, it is actually a bit more difficult than you’d think it would be. After all, you are climbing a mountain, meaning you’ll have to find some safe routes and deal with the hazards that are associated with it. While it is true that the path is mostly safe, you should still take the proper precautions before going on this hike. We give it a 4 out of 10.

Best Time to Visit

Like with all Tioga Road hikes, you can only come here when the Tioga Road is open (June – October), but we think this path is best hiked during early June through Late July. This is when the meadows are green, and the most gorgeous sights are to be had.


Fortunately, crowds aren’t too much of a factor here because it is a bit awkward to reach. You won’t have it to yourself, but other hikers should be few and far between.

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