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Lower Gaylor Lake

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Though this lake is pretty small, the scenery around it is incredibly picturesque, with the gorgeous Mammoth Peak peeking up over the South bank, and the clear waters that boast almost a mirror like quality. Better yet, within a half a mile of the trailhead, there is a pretty little meadow with a stream running through it, the merged outlet of both Granite Lakes and all three Gaylor Lakes. This is a tourist favorite for taking pictures, and is truly among one of the gentler yet majestic sights that you will experience here in Yosemite. You can also reach the Gaylor Lakes Trail, which leads to the two upper Gaylor Lakes, by walking just a little ways away, though the trails aren’t connected.

Distance and Hiking Time

At 4.6 miles, this isn’t the longest of hikes, and it should take you only a couple of hours to complete. This is compounded by the fact that it isn’t a very difficult hike, though it does climb steadily for about 800 feet. But, like with most of the landmarks in Yosemite, factor in the time that you wish to take pictures and lounge about before making other plans. You may be here for quite a while.

Crowd Factor

Perhaps the best part of this entire hike is the fact that very few people stop by here. Though it is actually pretty well-known, it is still less famous than the Gaylor Lakes trail, and is kind of difficult to find. This means you can have one of the most beautiful and picturesque lakes in Yosemite all to yourself, though you may find one or two hikers along the way.

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