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Mule and Horseback Ride Rates

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It’s time to saddle up with Yosemite’s famous Mule and Horseback riding trails! With this incredible opportunity, you can visit Yosemite’s most beautiful landmarks and most breathtaking views in truly enjoyable fashion.

Even with the multitude of ways to see the surrounding landscape—from hiking to bike riding to even simple car rides—nothing quite measures up to the closeness to nature that mule and horseback riding allows. Experience the fresh mountain air, the beautiful mountain wildflowers, and the seas of emerald trees while on the back of your majestic steed, all while traversing any of the two-hour, four-hour, or all day Yosemite horse riding experiences. Or, lumber along with a trusty mule through the Yosemite Valley, an experience that truly can’t be missed!

All in all, there are three different stables within the park boundaries, all of which offer unique and extraordinarily gorgeous locales and sceneries. These include the Yosemite Valley Stable, which offers leading guided trips through the heart of Yosemite National Park (the only of its kind), the Tuolumne Stable, which takes you through Yosemite’s fabled high country, and the Wawona Stable, a historic ride with rustic charm and easy trails. Best of all, each and every one is as good as the other, meaning there are no wrong choices! You are going to have fun no matter what!

Just remember; be careful when you are on your trip, and listen to your trail guide, particularly if you are a new rider. Trails can be dangerous, so it is important you listen to their guidance. 2-hour rides are $64.00, half-day rides are $85.00, and full-day rides are $128.00. Call today for more information!