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Olmsted Point

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If you want a close-up of Clouds Rest’s impressive sky-spanning height, then this is the place to get it. With the best views of this beautiful mountain, and some glacial boulders lounging on the hillsides throughout the length of the hike, Olmstead Point offers a particularly rocky landscape that is very interesting to most hikers. But, unlike many of these mountainous hiking spots, Olmsted Point is short and easy, giving you a great amount of scenery for little to no work. Definitely a good stopping place if you are just in the mood for taking some pictures.


Like many Tioga Pass trails, it never gets too busy. But, you will find people here, and you might find as many in the parking lot as in the actual trail’s end. This is where you get some great views of those glacial rocks we talked about, and you can still get that gorgeous view of Cloud’s Rest, without the hiking!


If you join the rest of the hikers in the parking lot, there isn’t any hiking at all. But, even the actual trail isn’t much more than that. Just a ¼ mile round trip, you will finish this in 15-30 minutes with little to no difficulty. Like some of the other Points around Yosemite, it really is just a “Stop and Pop” kind of place.


Don’t come here if the Tioga Pass Road is closed, because you can’t. Make sure it’s open, and then make your plans—trust us, you’ll regret it if you don’t.

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