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Ostrander Lake

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If you want to see a true lake in the midst of Yosemite’s famous wilderness, Ostrander Lake isn’t a bad one to go to. Settled amongst gorgeous wildflowers, green pines, and set against a beautiful mountain backdrop, this lake is basically the perfect photo-op. Skiers during the winter love slogging here through the snow just to get a look around, while hikers during the other months enjoy the mirror like reflectiveness of the lake and clear blue skies. Overall, it’s a very pretty destination attached to a long but enjoyable hike, making this a great tourist destination.

Hiking Time and Length

Coming in at 12.4 miles round trip, it you may take a while completing this demanding hike. Most take around 5-8 hours, while some could take longer depending on their hiking acumen. This, of course, means ensuring you have plenty of snacks and water so you don’t put yourself in danger.


In all reality, even with the length, this is a pretty tame hike. The majority of it is spent strolling through pleasant meadows, all of which are flat and unthreatening. There is some climbing to do at the end; but, if it wasn’t for the length, this would be an extremely easy hike that anyone could partake in. It’s a medium in our book, but could be less if you don’t mind lengthy treks.

Best Time to Visit

Wildflower Season makes this walk even more beautiful, but mid-winter is most definitely the best time to come. This is when the Ostrander Ski Hut is open as an overnight lodge for cross-country skiers, which is definitely something that must be experienced.

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