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Sentinal Meadow and Cook’s Meadow Loop

HomeSentinal Meadow and Cook’s Meadow Loop

Here, we have another enjoyable yet easy hike that is both picturesque and exerting for those who might want a little more than just a walk in the park. Surrounded by gorgeous scenery, with views of several of Yosemite’s most looked-at landmarks, this is a perfect introduction to the world of Yosemite. You’ll get to see Yosemite Falls from a variety of backgrounds, with some great views of Half Dome scattered along the trail. Plus, this trail is capped with the Yosemite Village store, where you can get some fun souvenirs documenting your trip. Overall, this is definitely a fun, family friendly hike that should be perfect for anyone.

Distance and Hike Time

At only 2.25 miles, you can expect to finish hiking this trail within no more than 1-2 hours. However, this is only if you run straight through it; most take their time so they can take in the surrounding scenery and, of course, take a few pictures. We’d recommend you do so as well, else it will be nowhere near as fulfilling.


Again, this is a pretty easy hike. It’s meant to be more of a nature run than anything, so you don’t have to worry about getting to sweaty. But, it is more than a mile, so those who aren’t in the best shape might find it a bit more difficult than others. Other than that, though, it is flat, wide, and without natural hazards. You should not have any trouble finishing this hike.


Unfortunately, the one drawback of this picturesque hike is the crowds that it draws. It is an easy, fun, and gorgeous route, so people from all over will be flocking to take pictures; this means you will never be alone while on your hike. Things will be spread out, but keep in mind that privacy isn’t a thing on this hike.

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