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Spillway Lake

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Pretty, if unspectacular, Spillway Lake is more of a place to visit after seeing all the other incredible locations in Yosemite Park. But, if you are looking for something to do, or just want to see something different, Spillway Lake is definitely not a waste of time and can offer some pretty awesome views, including of Kuna Peak and Kuna Crest. And, if you love the sounds of fish jumping out of the lake in the morning, Spillway Lake offers a whole other spectrum that certainly makes it a worthy hiking trail.

Distance and Hiking Time

Perhaps one of the best reasons to visit Spillway, however, is the path to it. An 8 mile round trip hike, you’ll have plenty of fun traversing the green landscape with mountain backdrop. It should take you around 3-6 hours to complete, depending on your speed, so keep that in mind if you are planning other hikes for the day.


Pertaining to our earlier fish comment, this is actually a great fishing location, particularly in the early mornings. And, because not a ton of people make it out here, you may get lucky and end up having the lake all to yourself. Don’t count on it being completely abandoned, but do feel pretty safe about coming here if you do want to have a bit of privacy while you fish.

When to Visit

Anytime Tioga Road is open is a great time to visit, as you won’t have access when it’s not. But, we’d suggest coming mid-to late summer, as to avoid the early snows and the marshy like atmosphere that early summer provides.

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