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Tenaya Canyon and Mirror Lake

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Overall, Tenaya Canyon and mirror Lake are very pretty hiking locations that, even though it lacks a true lake (it’s really just a large pool in Tenaya Creek) is worth a trip, if you don’t mind braving the large crowds. Some of the main highlights include a great swimming spot (Mirror Lake is the largest swimming pool in Yosemite, making it a great destination), and, of course, a trail that takes you as close to the base of Half Dome as possible. Unfortunately, there is no access, and you won’t have the best angle ever, but it is still quite interesting in terms of hiking and sightseeing.

Hiking Time and Difficulty

Overall, the true draw of this trail isn’t really the hiking, so you don’t have to worry about a difficult walk. In fact, most of this trail is paved, so you could actually ride your bike if you really wanted to. In the end, it should take you around 1-3 hours to complete the trail. Trail Distances are as follows: 2.4 miles round trip from trailhead to Mirror Lake and 4 miles to go all the way to the end of the trail in Tenaya Canyon and loop around.

Scenery Summary

Overall, this is a very pretty and pleasant hike, even with the huge crowds it draws. Half Dome is at the end, giving you a nice little sightseeing trip, and Mirror Lake itself is quite pretty. Even better, the surrounding landscape is gorgeous, with emerald trees and beautiful wildlife all around you. .Overall, we say it is a great trip for families, especially if you are looking for a fun swimming hole.

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