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Tenaya Lake

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The pride and joy of the Tioga Road lake family, Tenaya Lake is an absolutely gorgeous lake that encompasses all that hikers and sightseers alike desire in a sightseeing destination. With impeccable granite backdrops, a truly immense lake that goes for miles, and a sandy beach where you can lay on the sand and relax for as long as you desire, Tenaya Lake truly has all you could ever wish for. Truly, if you were looking for a place that offers postcard worthy pictures, Tenaya Lake is definitely the place for you.

The Beach!

On the Eastern end of Tenaya Lake is a nice sandy beach area where hikers can hang out and sunbathe the day away. It is definitely a relaxing way to spend your hike, and is certainly a one of a kind experience here in Yosemite. This is one of the only true “beaches” here in Yosemite, and we recommend you don’t miss it!

Distance and Hiking Time

Fortunately for beach goers, the hike itself is only 2.5 miles long—making it a 1 – 2 hour hike. This means you don’t have to worry too much about carrying your beach equipment for an exceedingly long distance.


Fitting in with the region’s easy going attitude, Tenaya Lake offers an easy path all the way to the lake at the end. With few elevation gains, a wide open path, and a lack of natural hazards, people of all shapes and ages should be able to get to the lake with little to no problems.

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