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Upper Yosemite Falls

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If you want the perfect view of Yosemite Falls, along with the workout of a truly strenuous hike, then Upper Yosemite Falls is the perfect hike for you. Unlike most workouts, this hike gets you some of the most gorgeous panoramic views that you have ever laid eyes on. From full views of the highest falls in North America, to panoramic views of Yosemite Valley, everything about this hike is absolutely awe-inspiring. Add in the fact that this is actually the only place in Yosemite where you can see all of Yosemite Falls—though you won’t be able to see it all at once because of its monstrous height—and it’s easy to see why this is such a popular hiking trail.

Hiking Time and Distance

This is definitely one of the longer hikes around and, all told, you will take around 6-10 hours to complete this 7.6-9.4 mile long hike. In other words, do not plan for anything else on the day you hike, because you will not have the time or the energy to do so. Also, make sure you are prepared for this long of hike (bring water, food, etc.)


As a result of this length, Upper Yosemite Falls is truly a difficult hike to carry out. Not everyone can complete a 9.4 mile hike, so make sure you are truly up to the task. Even worse, it is not just a long hike, it is a steep one. You will be climbing steep, hewn out staircases all the way to the top of this 6,936 feet tall mountain, meaning you will be climbing the equivalent of 2 empire state buildings. Trust us; it is a difficult task, and not one that should be taken lightly! However, the sight is truly worth the walk, if you are up to the task.

Best Time to Visit

Come during the spring or summer when the falls are truly at their peak. This is when the falls are at their most impressive, by far.

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