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Vernal Fall Footbridge

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Yet another gorgeous sightseeing spot for one of the most beautiful falls in Yosemite, the Vernal Fall Footbridge offers sightseers of all ages an opportunity to see more of what Yosemite has to offer. With gorgeous scenery all around, this sightseeing locale is generally the first breath-catching spot tourists get on their way to Mist Trail or Half Dome. Guests here will be treated to a fantastic sight of Vernal Falls, as well as the river that runs up or down stream, depending on where you are coming from.

Distance and Hiking Time

Just a 2 mile roundtrip, the Vernal Fall Footbridge path is a quick and somewhat-easy trail that still delivers incredible sights. It will only take most hikers 1-2 hours to complete; however, we recommend you stay longer so you can really take in the sights. After all, this is a once in a life time opportunity!


Though short, you can’t truly call this trail an “easy” footpath. It’s pretty steep in certain areas, and offers enough climbing to make even the most physically able break a sweat. Overall, it’s still something that most people shouldn’t have trouble with, but you still should be careful. Keep that in mind when you take to the trail.

Crowd Factor

As this is one of Yosemite’s most popular trails, it will be a bit crowded. But, it shouldn’t detract from the fun of the trail.

Trailhead Elevation: 4,000 feet
Trailhead Gain: 300 feet

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