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Wapama Falls

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The final water fall on our list, Wapama Falls—while not nearly as spectacular as the ones Yosemite is famous for—is nonetheless a worthy destination, which you would be remiss to miss out on. These falls offer the unique opportunity for hikers to walk underneath them, as a bridge spans the stream directly beneath the cascading waters. Though you will most certainly get wet, it is still a fun, tourist type attraction that sets these falls apart from most of the others on this list. It also has some incredible scenery surrounding it, and is an impressive sight in its own right, as it is actually among the larger falls in the area at a whopping 1,400 feet.

When to Visit

Like all waterfalls, it’s best to visit during the spring when the snow melts and the water flows at its peak. This is when the falls are at their most impressive, and is also when you’ll have the best photo opportunities.


Though 5.5 miles, it’s not too difficult to traverse this hiking trail. There is not a lot of elevation gain, and you don’t have to do much trekking through questionable territory. With that said, the falls also offer unique hazards, as the bridges across them are very wet and slippery. Furthermore, water flow can occasionally destroy the bridges (when the water reaches dangerous levels) so you must exercise caution if you feel like crossing them. Remember; if the water looks high, do not try to cross them. You could get hurt!

Length and Hiking Time

It is a 5.5 mile hike and 2.5 – 4 hours will be all you need to complete it. But, take some time to look around and enjoy yourself. It isn’t a race, after all.

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