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Yosemite History Museum

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Welcome to the Yosemite Museum, a beautiful display of all the history this region has to offer. Filled to the brim with incredible displays, interesting exhibits, and all of the information that you could ever want about Yosemite’s history, the Yosemite Museum is a great place to visit for anyone who wants to learn while having a bit of fun.

History of the Museum

Built in 1925, and designed by architect Herbert Maler, this museum is actually one of the first museums ever built within a national park. It was built as a model for parks nationwide, its educational initiatives being among the first of their kind. It was also funded by the first non-profit cooperating association for the National Park Service, the Yosemite Museum Association.

The Museum Today

Today, this museum is among the region’s most popular tourist spots. With its rustic style—a cornerstone of the National Park Service’s belief that the décor must fit in with the surrounding landscape—a host of collections outlining the history of our great nation—including a collection of American Indian Baskets, geological exhibits, and stage coaches—and, of course, a character that is unlike any other museum in the area, the Yosemite Museum offers a one of a kind experience that is sure to entertain anyone. Other exhibits include: an Indian room, natural history exhibits, a life zone room, wildflower exhibits and more, all adding to the education premise that this museum was founded on.

Now over 80 years old, this museum has entertained travelers over the entirety of its history, and is surely something that can’t be missed! Visit the Yosemite Museum today, and see what you’ve been missing!