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Yosemite Sierra Fly Fishing

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Though there is much to do in Yosemite, nothing is quite relaxing as a trip to the river for some good old fashioned fly fishing. Truly, Yosemite is famous for its gorgeous rivers, beautiful banks, and incredible wildlife. What most don’t realize, however, is that the fishing is also quite incredible, making Yosemite and fly fishing a perfect couple. Fortunately, Yosemite Sierra Fly Fishing is a fantastic company geared towards providing you the best fishing experience around, on the world’s most beautiful trout waters!

By providing top quality instructional fly fishing tours, Yosemite Sierra offers tourists a great way to spend a day while in the National Park’s incredible borders. Not only will you be able to experience the grandeur and nature of Yosemite, you’ll also have a chance to see what real fly fishing is all about, all while having the time of your life.

Once you sign up, Yosemite Sierra’s professional staff will help tailor the perfect fishing trip for you, depending on your level of skill and what you want to be doing. Already skilled fishers will have the chance to do whatever they please, while beginners will have all the instruction that they need; no matter what you are looking for, Yosemite Sierra can provide it.

Furthermore, if you do not have your own equipment, YSF can equip you with all you need, including tippet, flies, and your rod/reel, all so you don’t have to find it yourself at the local fishing shop. Best of all, the gear is added with no extra cost!

Half Day: $275.00 for one or two people
Full Day: $350.00 for one or two people

Trips last 4-6 hours, and transportation to and from the location does not count against your fishing time. Email us for more information concerning your next fly fishing trip; you won’t be disappointed.