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Innovative Program Established in Partnership with Sustainable Actions and National Parks Conservation Association


Yosemite National Park has initiated a commuter bike program in El Portal for employees that live within biking distance from work.  Beginning last year, the park has made 20 multi-speed touring bikes available in which National Park Service (NPS) employees can check-out and us to commute to work, thus reducing transportation emissions.  This also helps alleviate parking congestion issues in El Portal.  The program is a partnership with Sustainable Actions and National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA).
The Climate Friendly Bike Program was inspired by the Climate Friendly Parks Workshop held in Yosemite National Park in April, 2005.  Sustainable Actions, through NPCA, provided the park with a $5,210 grant to acquire bikes, helmets, locks and repairs to conduct the program.  Each bike in the program is fitted with an odometer so that biked miles can be equated to emissions reductions.
The Climate Friendly Bike Program is one of the many ways in which Yosemite National Park practices sustainability.  Other initiatives the park has initiated includes using an all hybrid fleet of shuttle buses, purchasing or renting hybrid vehicles, and supporting the Yosemite Area Regional Transportation System (YARTS) buses for employees commuting on the Highway 140 corridor.  Other park programs include a multi-tiered recycling program in conjunction with DNC Parks and Resorts at Yosemite, Inc.  Additionally, through park programs and publications, the messages of sustainability and recycling are highly emphasized.