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Wedding and Event Center FAQs

The Wedding and Event Center at The Redwoods In Yosemite is a perfect space to host many different aspects of your wedding planning goals. The spacious locale has convenient interior and exterior spaces, easily accessible from private vacation rental cabins in Wawona. This makes it a convenient and accessible area for dress rehearsals, wedding ceremonies and a warm and welcoming reception venue.

Here is what you need to know about this beautiful venue inside the park. For additional questions or to make a reservation,  contact the Wedding Planners at The Redwoods In Yosemite:

Phone: 1-877-496-3052

Email: Events@RedwoodsInYosemite.com

  • May I decorate the room and deck?

    Of course! Decorations are allowed as long as they do not leave permanent marks in windows, doors, walls, or flooring. We recommend non-stick or non-adhesive tape. No nails, tacks, or staples are allowed.

  • What kind of facilities does the catering kitchen have?

    Wedding caterers appreciate the convenience of being able to stage food in the catering kitchen. You’ll find: - a microwave - a Holman convection oven (2x3 ft approx size) - a two-section refrigerator - triple sink - 5-ft. counter space for preparation. - an ice machine - a small prep deck with 2 propane BBQs if you arrange to use them ahead of time. - two tables with benches - three electrical outlets on the Caterer Deck perfect for warming ovens. - You can also arrange ahead of time for a BBQ grill on the event center deck.

  • May I rent the Event Center without renting cabins?

    No. The Wawona Town Plan prohibits day use for groups, and we need to abide by those regulations. Besides, with so many cabins to choose from, why wouldn’t you take advantage of the convenient and nearby lodging?

  • Can I work with my own caterer?

    Yes. We know how important it is to have just the right caterer for your event. We require that all caterers must be licensed, but beyond that want to make it as easy as possible for you to work with someone that you adore.

  • May I cook in the Event Center kitchen?

    No. The Catering Kitchen associated with the Event Center is perfect for staging food prepared by your caterer, but do not plan to cook there. If you are looking for a large space to cook, you might consider renting the El Capitan cabin. With a 48" American Gas Range with center griddle and 2 ovens, a sub-zero, side by side refrigerator/freezer large enough to accommodate party trays, and more, this expansive kitchen area is a caterer's dream.

  • May I store my food and beverages in the Event Center Kitchen?

    Although the Event Center Catering Kitchen does have a commercial refrigerator, you should plan to store food in your cabin until the day of the event. Food may be stored on the day of the event ONLY. PLEASE NOTE: The Redwoods in Yosemite is not responsible for any food or beverage that is stored in our building.

  • May I store supplies in the Event Center?

    You are welcome to store supplies in the Event Center during the days that the Event Center is rented by your group. We strongly recommend that any valuable items should be kept in locked containers.

  • May I set up the day before my event?

    If you want to set up the day before your event, plan to rent the Event Center for that day as well. If you do not secure the space, it may be rented by another group.

  • May I clean up the event space the day after my event?

    All food and garbage must be cleaned up and taken away at the end of the event. However, if you would like to leave other items there, or take down decorations the following day, simply plan to extend your rental for another day. If you don’t secure the space, it may be rented by another group.

  • May I bring in music?

    Yes! We do not currently have a sound system, so please feel free to bring your own music. Quiet time is 10pm and is enforced by the Park Rangers. Your musician must be instructed that due to our proximity to a residential area, music played must not include offensive language.

  • How late can I have my party?

    10pm is closing time for the Event Center.

  • May I use twinkle lights? Are there places to plug in by the deck railing?

    Yes! Adding twinkle lights to the deck lends a beautiful atmosphere to that area, and there are outlets available below the deck to power them. You can also rent 144 feet of string lights from us specifically for that purpose. If you'd prefer to bring your own lights, we will work with you to ensure that you bring the right kinds and lengths of extension cords for your needs.

  • Do my guests have to pay the Park entry fee?

    Yes, and thank you for helping to support the National Park. The entrance fee is $35/car and is valid to enter and exit the park for seven days. In 2020 as a response to the global pandemic, the National Park Service also put a day-use reservation system in place. The reservation system ended October 31, 2020. However, if they were to reinstate that policy, your guests would also need to get a day-use reservation unless they are staying at one of The Redwoods In Yosemite cabins or other in-park lodging.

  • How may parking spaces do you have?

    The Event Center parking is limited. Fortunately, it is only a short distance from many of the nearby rental cabins, so it should be easy for your guests to make the short stroll from their cabin or arrange a quick carpool.

  • What is your alcohol policy?

    Groups may bring in their own beer and wine under the following conditions: - The event is private (not open to the public and restricted to invited guests only) - The group host is providing all the beer and wine - All drinks are complimentary (no charge to guests) - There is no admission cost for the event (i.e. no door charge or tickets purchased) The Redwoods In Yosemite requires that a licensed bartender be present to pour the beer/wine and reserves the right to obtain proof of legal drinking. The bartender also reserves the right to refuse alcohol to guests who appear intoxicated or underage. Last call is at 9:00pm. Caterers who provide bar service are required to supply a copy of their Caterer’s Permit (License 58).

  • Can I use the fireplace(s)?

    A crackling fire lends a cheerful ambiance and extra warmth in the cooler months. If you think you might like to use the fireplaces during your event you MUST contact us for permission ahead of time. Due to restrictions set by Yosemite National Park, fireplaces can only be used during certain times of year and are subject to other regulations. If allowed, Event Center Staff will happily handle loading and lighting the fireplaces for your use. Groups are not allowed to light or load the fireplaces on their own.

  • What is the smoking policy?

    Designated smoking areas are located outdoors on the south side of the Event Center. Please use the provided smoking receptacle. California State Law requires no smoking within 20 feet of a doorway into the Event Center or Lobby. No smoking is allowed on the Event Center Deck. The fireplaces may not be used as ashtrays.