If you’re thinking about visiting Yosemite, an autumn trip can be a great idea. There’s still a lot to see during the autumn season, and for those who can’t get away in the summer or don’t like the summer traffic, planning a fall trip might be the best option. In general, lots of people are planning natural outings for fall, when temperate climates have just begun to shrug off the summer heat. It’s a magical time – so why not go to Yosemite and see some of the grandest American scenery in the country, carefully curated by National Parks and other stakeholders

Visit During the Quiet Off-Peak Season

During the fall season, the Yosemite experience is different. You’ll sense a chill in the air – (for those used to more southerly climates, there will be an extra chill in the air) – and some of the waterways might not be as active as they were in the spring and summer months. Some areas of the park will be closed, but there’s still a lot to see and enjoy.

Fall Foliage

Just because many parts of our natural areas are filled with evergreens doesn’t mean you won’t see beautiful fall foliage in Yosemite. Some of the videos on various websites online show the beautiful golds, reds, and other hues of deciduous leaves through October and into November

Tour Yosemite Valley

Although some of the upper trails may be closed as winter approaches, Yosemite Valley is open all year round, and it’s an amazing scenic part of the local area.

Visitors often describe the gigantic rock formations of the Valley surroundings as “sculpted” – and for those who are used to the hill country, this is quite a grand and impressive panorama. Enjoy walking the valley forests and staring up at the formidable terrain of ancient glacial deposits with a lot more open parking and elbow room!

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