Weekly Total

Campground Incidents -1
Damage – $150

Yearly Total

Parking Lot/Roadside Incidents – 4
Damage – $5,950

Campground Incidents – 1
Damage – $150

Backcountry Incidents – 1
Damage – $85

Year-to-date Comparisons

Incidents – 261
Damage – $117,638

Incidents – 26
Damage – $9,145

Incidents – 6
Damage – $6,185

Bears have been active this week in Yosemite. Most bear sightings have been in Yosemite Valley near El Capitan, Bridalveil and Mirror Lake. Daytime bear activity has been high, and proper storage of food is important day and night. Please do not leave food unattended in the bed of a truck or when you are picnicking. This week, a bear got food from a tent in Yellow Pines campground. When camping, remember to double check your tent and pack for food and scented items and make sure to put all possible attractants in your food storage locker.

Two bears were hit by vehicles this week, totaling 4 so far this year. One was hit and killed in El Portal (just outside the park), and one along Glacier Point Rd. Please obey speed limits and scan roadsides while driving to prevent collisions with wildlife.