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Top Five Yosemite Places to Escape the Zombie Apocalypse:

Are you prepared? Renowned for beautiful scenery, did you know Yosemite is also a great place for your zombie escape plans? See our top five picks for your zombie getaway.

#5. Yosemite Falls – the tough climb to the top of Yosemite Falls offers some great cardio training for when you will inevitably have to outrun a zombie.

#4. Merced River – Keep a raft ready by the shore in case you need to make an urgent escape. You’ll have plenty of water (just be sure to purify it before consuming) and since zombies aren’t great swimmers you’ll stay safe from the terrors stalking the shore.

#3. High Country – In the high country you can backpack for days without seeing another soul – or the walking dead. Winter snows will slow them down while you keep cozy in a backcountry hut.

#2. Glacier Point – High vantage points from Glacier Point offer a great perch for watching for any incoming zombies.

#1. Half Dome – Can zombies climb cables? No way! Get on top and sit back as they try to scramble up the incline.

Be prepared. Plan your zombie scouting trip now to familiarize yourself with the area and test your gear.