From the Recollections of Life and Events in Wawona series

By Maureen Donahue


I am Maureen Donahue, co-owner of cabin #42, the last cabin on River Rd right next to the path to the river. My family has been coming here since the 50’s when it was “The Moores Redwoods”.

My parents literally stumbled onto this place. They were to stay in the cinder block places across from the store but I was a baby and they found those places too dirty for a baby. So they got back in the car and went a little further down the road not having a clue what they might find. Dick Moore had several cabins that he had built and we stayed in one of them. Needless to say my parents fell in love with the whole place and came back again.

In the mid 50’s, I think, my dad wrote to Dick (and Jewitt his wife) asking if he would consider selling one of his cabins. I still have the letter. So our owner connection to the Redwoods began with buying #12.

Dick and my dad, Bob, became friends and often golfed together when we were there. I remember coming for the same periods in the summer and playing with the Moore’s granddaughters, Becky and Sarah wonder if they are still around. I have many fond recollections of those days and it would be really fun to share them with anyone who was there back then.

In the 60’s we sold #12 and bought #42 because of its location. In fact, my dad kept writing to Mr. Fortini asking him to let us know if he was ever interested in selling (once my dad set his sights on something….!).

We were so sad when “our” original #12 burned down but the cabin there now is really nice.

My parents also bought 2 lots in the circle around the store. At the time there were only a couple of cabins there, one belonging to the Moore’s son Jerry I think. Anyway they were divided into lots and my parents bought two side by side and owned them for a long time but never built anything on them before selling. I definitely still remember that whole area as being just forest.

Again, I would be interested in sharing memories with those of you from “back then.”


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