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Glacier Point

Glacier Point



If you are looking for great views, then you have found your hiking trail. Unsurpassed by anywhere in California (not just Yosemite), Glacier Point’s views are at once awe-inspiring and absolutely gorgeous. During the spring, it is a fantastic vantage point to see the Vernal and Nevada Falls at full runoff, while, during the rest of the year, pretty much the entire Yosemite Valley is open to your gaze. And, from this height, at around 7,200 feet, you really will be able to see everything and all its glory. It truly is quite a sight!

Best Time to Visit

Unfortunately, the crowds here are quite high during the best times—such as Spring—but, when it’s open, anytime is a good time to hike this trail. Just make sure the pass isn’t closed by snow, and make sure it isn’t hazy out (if you want to get some good pictures). Other than that, come on down—Glacier Point is always ready for you!


Honestly, if you are looking for a heart pounding hike, this isn’t for you. It is one of Yosemite’s easiest hikes, and it is even wheelchair accessible. But, if you don’t mind just taking a light jaunt, then the views really are incredible.

Length and Hiking Time

At just a 1 mile round trip, and 20 minutes hiking time, you can be in and out in no time. But, you may want to stay and take pictures, so factor that in if you have a rough schedule.

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