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Getting married is something over 2.4 million Americans do on an annual basis. If you are like most people, making sure your wedding is both appealing and memorable is something you are adamant about. One of the first things you need to decide when planning a wedding is where you will have the ceremony.

If you and your soulmate love the beauty of nature, then getting married in Yosemite is a great idea. While having a wedding here can be beautiful, it will also require a lot of planning. Failing to plan out every detail of your outdoor wedding can be problematic. Here are some of the things you need to do to make your dream of a beautiful outdoor wedding a reality.

Be Sure to Dress Accordingly

While getting married outdoors can be enjoyable, there are also a number of factors that may be out of your control. One of these factors is the weather. In the days leading up to your outdoor wedding ceremony, you need to continuously check the weather. Staying on top of any developing changes in temperature or bad weather conditions is crucial. With this information, you and your guests can dress accordingly.

If the weather outside is going to be hot that day, you need to dress for both style and comfort. Wearing a wedding gown made of a sheer and breathable material is one of the best ways to avoid getting overheated. Making these small changes can make your outdoor wedding ceremony more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Don’t Take On This Planning Process Alone

If you and your partner are passionate about having an outdoor wedding, you need to avoid taking on the planning process on your own. Planning a wedding is difficult, which is why you need to enlist the help of experienced professionals. Hiring a wedding planner and an experienced wedding photographer is an essential part of having a great wedding.

These professionals will be able to use their past experience with planning outdoor weddings to offer you guidance. Refusing to get this type of professional help may lead to big mistakes being made. These mistakes can affect your wedding day in a very negative way. The money paid for this type of professional guidance will be worth it in the long run.

Always Have a Back-Up Plan

One of the main pieces of advice you will receive from professionals when planning an outdoor wedding is to have a back-up plan. If a stray rainstorm hits during your wedding, you need to have an inside venue nearby to run to. Most wedding venue suppliers will have a variety of locations they can offer. By having a back-up plan in place, you can avoid weather-related wedding disasters.

A Wedding in Nature

If you want to have your wedding in Yosemite, the professionals at The Redwoods in Yosemite can help you out. Contact us for more information on the wedding venues we have for rent.

Dealing with stress is something most adults are familiar with. The longer you allow the stress in your life to build, the harder it will be to avoid serious mental and physical health issues. Taking a vacation can help you forget about your problems for a while.

The average American adult takes around 18 vacation days a year. The key to having a great time on vacation is choosing the right destination. If you love nature and being outdoors, then planning a trip to Yosemite National Park is a great idea.

Here are some of the things you need to consider when planning your first trip to Yosemite.

Plan to Stay a Few Days

Yosemite National Park is home to over 800 miles of hiking trails. The total size of this national park is roughly 748,000 acres. With all of this ground to cover, you need to come and stay for a few days. Most seasoned Yosemite enthusiasts recommend newcomers spend up to 3 days in the park on their first trip.

Not only will this give you time to see all of the natural wonders contained in this natural park, it will also give you time to relax and forget about your stress. Finding the right accommodations should be one of your main concerns. Luckily, there are rental homes and luxury cabins all around Yosemite for rent. With a bit of online research, finding the right place to stay will be a breeze.

Get Your Car Ready For the Trip

If you are traveling to Yosemite for the first time, it is best to plan your arrival during the daytime. This is due in part to the fact that the roads leading into this national treasure are a bit narrow and winding. If you are driving your own vehicle to Yosemite, you need to spend some time getting it ready.

During the winter months, snowfall is a near certainty in Yosemite. Taking along a set of snow chains may be a must when trying to navigate the roadways of this national park with ease and compliant to park requirements in winter. You should also be aware that there are 3 gas stations open year-round at Wawona (Hwy 41), El Portal (Hwy 140) and at Crane Flat (Hwy 120) and one gas station open seasonally at Tuolumne Meadows (generally June through October) on the Tioga Road. There are two electrical vehicle charging station in Yosemite Valley.

Properly Preparing For Hikes in Yosemite is Important

As previously mentioned, Yosemite National Park is home to over 800 miles of hiking trails. If you are going on vacation in Yosemite to test out some of these trails, you need to plan out your excursions ahead of time.

The Yosemite website has a guide that contains information about each of the hiking trails and how difficult they are to navigate. With this information, you can begin the process of picking the right trails to use during your stay at Yosemite. You can also check YosemiteHikes.com

Memories That Will Last a Lifetime

Are you looking for great accommodations in and around Yosemite National Park? If so, contact the team at The Redwoods in Yosemite for more information about the home and cabin rentals we can provide.

Everybody knows that Yosemite National Park is a treasure trove of adventure, fun outdoor activities and breathtaking natural landscapes. After all, who hasn’t had their breath taken away from them from seeing El Capitan’s Horsetail Fall alit with the ember-like glow during the late February month? However, visiting Yosemite isn’t something that should be reserved exclusively for outdoor enthusiasts. In fact, for those of you who want to combine their love of nature with their love of their significant other, a jaunt down to Yosemite could be just what you need to both ignite and keep your home fires burning.

Spend Valentine’s Day with Us

While there are advantages to visiting Yosemite National Park throughout the year, something about February makes it extra special. Horsetail Fall, for instance, takes on its famous fiery appearance during the last couple of weeks of this month. Of course, if you’re hoping to spend Valentine’s Day with us, we’ll go above and beyond to make sure you and your special someone have an amazing time. We boast hot tubs, romantic hikes, and fine dining. When booking your reservation with us, please be sure to ask about our Sweetheart’s Special!

Tie the Knot While Visiting Yosemite

Your wedding day is going to be arguably one of the most important days of your life. When it comes to planning this beautiful celebration of love, you want to make sure the day is as wonderful as your love for your significant other. Why not exchange your vows with the phenomenal vistas of Yosemite right behind you? We have highly skilled event planners who are ready to help your wedding day go smoothly, ensuring that the tears shed that day will be only tears of happiness and love.

Rent a Cabin for Your Anniversary

If you fell in love in Yosemite, and you got married here with us, why not also celebrate the important milestones of your anniversary with us, too? Even if this is your first time coming to visit, we have the finest luxury accommodations that you desire to make you feel that spark – no matter if this is your first anniversary or you’ve been celebrating fifty years together! If you’re looking for something a little more rustic, we’ve got you covered there, too. No matter your tastes, we want you to feel welcome when you stay here.

Without a doubt, Yosemite National Park is absolutely for lovers. From our incredible views to our cozy accommodations, we have everything you need to help you fall in love and stay in love. To learn more about how we here at The Redwoods In Yosemite can help make your special occasion even more romantic, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!

Written By Christina Kantzavelos

There is still time! November is a grand time to visit Yosemite National Park. Crisp mornings and cool evenings, sunny days, chromatic views, and the chance of first snow all paint your next perfect travel picture. It is the least crowded time to visit the park, which means quieter and more intimate outdoor adventures. Plus, you can catch a last glimpse of Glacier Point, Tuolumne Meadows and Mariposa Grove before they close for the season. We’ve come up with eight reasons your visit to Yosemite should be in the few remaining weeks of November. And remember to pack layers and tire chains, just in case! 


  1. Explore Glacier Point Road and Tuolumne Meadows (before they close for the snow season!)


Take advantage of having access to both Glacier Point and Tuolumne Meadows/Tioga Roads before they close for the snow season. The fall really transforms each of these majestic locations into chromatic wonderlands. Plus, you get to enjoy their beautiful hikes and views in serene solitude, as neither will be as busy as in the summer. 


  1. Celebrate Thanksgiving in the Park 


Enjoy creating a wonderful memory by hosting a Thanksgiving feast in the comfort of your cabin, surrounded by your family, and friends. Not in the mood to cook? Here are three wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner options in the park. Be sure to make a reservation! 


  1. Visit the Grizzly Giant in Mariposa Grove


If you haven’t visited the newly restored Mariposa Grove, then you’re in for a treat. Hike its beautiful (and partially ADA compatible) trails before it closes for the snow season. Grizzly Giant has never looked more majestic with its colorful leaves! 


  1. Bike in the Valley


Explore the valley via bicycle, and enjoy the crisp air, colorful leaves, and beautiful views as you bike by or stop to visit the less-crowded Yosemite valley staples. 


  1. Explore the Museums in the Park


Don’t let November rains scare you! Is it too rainy or snowy to go exploring? Or, are you looking for a relaxing stroll? Then visit the Yosemite Museum in the valley, or walk through the Ansel Adams Gallery, which displays his work as well as other contemporary photographers and artists. If you’re in Wawona, be sure to visit the Pioneer or History Center, which explains the history of Yosemite National Park and how it inspired the growth of national parks across the county and the world. 


  1. S’mores and BBQs! 


Is there a more delicious food group? Gather around the fire, and enjoy roasting juicy fillets and gooey s’mores with your friends and loved ones.


  1. Pet Friendly Yosemite Trails to Hike and Enjoy


Take your pup on the Chowchilla Mountain road (the original road to Yosemite), or Wawona Meadow Loop Trail in Wawona. Or, you and your canine can explore Bridalveil Fall trail, Hodgdon Meadow, Glacier Point, Cook’s Meadow Loop, or even Lower Yosemite Falls. You can also bring along your fur-baby on the Mirror Lake Trail, or take the perfect holiday card photo with them in front of Tunnel View. For both you and your pet’s safety, they are not allowed in the meadows, back country, in public buildings, or on shuttle buses. Looking for a pet friendly cabin? We have you covered


  1. Cozy Fireplaces and Hot Tubs 


Snuggle up with a mug of delicious steaming cocoa next to the fireplace in your cabin. Or relax with a soothing cup of hot tea next in your hot tub. Not much compares to spending quality time in your cozy cabin, or hot tub, especially when it’s snowing or raining outside. 

Looking for a cabin to get cozy in for November?

Our 120 Redwoods In Yosemite cabins are located in Wawona, at the Southern entrance of Yosemite, just a few miles from the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias. Relaxing and private, these fully equipped vacation cabins border the wild and scenic South Fork of The Merced River, the Wawona swinging bridge and Chilnualna Falls (the second highest vertical drop waterfalls in Yosemite)! Our Event Center includes full use of the Fireside Room and adjacent deck, with an audio and visual equipment and a catering kitchen. Many of our cabins are pet friendly, some feature spa tubs, and all have private decks with BBQ’s and upgraded linens for that, “Home Away from Home” experience. Relax, explore, escape!

Tioga Pass Road aka Highway 120 makes way for perfect summer and early fall adventures in Tuolumne Meadows. After a heavy winter, the waterfalls are still strong, and there is even some snowmelt on some of high country trails. We have a list to plan your perfect day of trail hiking, whether you’re just looking for a short and sweet stroll or something to test those limits. The best part? Even with its popularity, and short season, Tuolumne tends to be much less crowded than Yosemite Valley (cue prayer hands).


Check out the free Tuolumne Meadow Shuttle if you’re planning to knock out a few trails in a day. 


Cathedral Lakes (7-8 miles/Moderate)


Part of the John Muir Trail, this is a gorgeous and very popular scenic hike surrounded by peaks like Cathedral Peak (hence the name) and by Echo and Tresidder Peaks, all standing at 10,000 ft in elevation. The reason Cathedral Lakes is plural is that there is a detour for Lower Cathedral Lake, as well as Upper Cathedral Lake. Lower Cathedral Lake is a more popular destination, but why not visit both?


Tenaya Lake (2.5 miles/Easy)


Get ready for postcard views on this hike, featuring one of Yosemite’s most beautiful and picturesque lakes surrounded by granite domes and peaks. A naturally beautiful hike, its short length and ease makes it popular for good reason. 


Elizabeth Lake (4.6 miles/Moderate)


Have you caught on to Tuolomne’s lake theme yet?  This hike isn’t as popular as Tenaya Lake, likely because of its steep uphill beginning. However, it’s just as picturesque. The lake is surrounded by evergreens and large gorgeous granite like Unicorn Peak. 


Glen Aulin (13 miles/Strenuous)


Alright, so this one isn’t a lake, however, it is a trail that guides you to beautiful Tuolumne Falls and White Cascade. It’s also popular because it’s part of the Pacific Crest Trail and is a gateway to the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne. Yes, Tuolumne Meadows has it all. 


Gaylor Lakes (2 miles/moderate)


Easily one of Yosemite’s most underrated hikes. A steep climb rewards you with spectacular views of Dana, Mammoth, Gibbs and other mountains as well as Dana Meadows. In addition, it has five lakes that seem untouched, picturesque, almost like a Hollywood backdrop. If that’s not enough, there’s even an abandoned 1870’s mine that sits above Gaylor Lake. 


Mono Pass (8 miles/moderate)


This trans-sierra trail takes you through wet meadows and rushing creeks, providing you with amazing views of Bloody Canyon and stunning Mono Lake. Not nearly as crowded as other trails in the area. 


Lyell Canyon via the John Muir Trail (8 miles/Easy)


A pleasant hike that passes through the Lyell fork of the Tuolumne River, as well as the bridged Rafferty Creek and Ireland Creeks. At the eight-mile mark, you are awarded with the Kuna Creek’s cascade. Looking for something shorter? You can walk ½ hour each way to and from the Twin Bridges. Keep in mind, this trail can get muddy and you will likely run into some Pacific Crest Trail and/or John Muir hikers. 


Dog Lake (2.8 miles/Moderate)


No, there are no puppies to be found here. Though, there is a still mountain lake, bordered by evergreens and granite mountains. You’re already en route to Lembert Dome, why not continue forward and get a beautiful view of Tuolumne Meadows? 


Lembert Dome (2.8 miles/Moderate)


Lembert Dome does not feature a lake or cascade, but it does offer some fantastic views of Tuolumne meadows. If you stay straight at the junction it will lead you to Dog Lake, making it a solid four miles. It may get windy, so hold onto your hats. And as always, stay off domes during chances of thunderstorms. 


Soda Spring and Parsons Lodge (1.5 miles/Easy)


Also located in the same parking lot as the Lembert Dome and Dog Lake trailheads. The third hike of the day is a charm, right? This trail takes you to springs that spew cold bubbling water right out of the ground. This is where your carbonated beverages come from. Kidding. And there is an enclosure to ensure you don’t try testing the carbonation levels. 

Looking for a home base for your hikes?

All of our 120 Redwoods In Yosemite cabins are located in historic Wawona, near the South Entrance of Yosemite National Park, just a few miles from the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias (free shuttle access to grove when you stay with us!). Relaxing and private, these fully equipped vacation homes border the wild and scenic South Fork of The Merced River, the Wawona swinging bridge and Chilnualna Falls (the second-highest vertical drop waterfalls in Yosemite)! Our Event Center includes full use of the Fireside Room and adjacent deck, with audio and visual equipment and a catering kitchen. Many of our cabins are pet-friendly, some feature spa tubs, and all have private decks with BBQ’s and upgraded linens for that, “Home Away from Home” experience. Come on up! Relax. Explore. Escape!


Written By Christina Kantzavelos

Yosemite National Park brings in over four million visitors each year!  Since 4 million yearly fans can’t be wrong, there are many reasons to want to visit Yosemite, and plenty of reasons to stay within the park boundaries during your next visit. During peak season, we expect large crowds, heaps of cars, traffic delays (sometimes 1-2 hours), busy attractions, and limited parking and lodging. Here are five reasons why staying in Wawona will allow you to spend less time in your car, and more time enjoying what this great park has to offer… 
  1. Avoid the Morning Wait at the Southern Entrance 
Waiting for any attraction is as certain as taxes, and the wait for the entrance to Yosemite can begin up to two miles before you reach the Southern Gate, or other entrances too. After finally driving up to the entrance, why would you want to squander  extra waiting in your car? If you’re already in the park, the morning wait is one less thing to worry about, so you can spend your precious vacation time wisely. 
  1. How To Spend Less Time Spent Driving in the Valley 
If you’re staying closer to Yosemite Valley (in the heart of the park), you have easier access to the park’s free shuttle. Once in the valley, we strongly encourage you to take the free bus rides or book a valley tram tour for example. The shuttle runs from 7 AM – 10 PM daily, and provides access to all of the valley’s hot spots. The more people who opt for the use of the shuttle, the less traffic within the park. It takes about 35-40 minutes, a 26 mile drive, from Wawona to Yosemite Valley.  Renting a bicycle is also a great option!
  1. Wawona Walking Distance Perks 
Staying in Wawona means you are within walking distance to two local markets, a restaurant in a historical national landmark such as the The Wawona Hotel, gas station, The Pioneer History Village, Thomas Hill Studio, Wawona Stables, barn dancing, stagecoach rides, river walks, swim hole hikes and dips, waterfall access, golfing, a beautiful library, a laundry facility, (deep breath!) and the Mariposa Grove. Basically, you have access to all of these perks from your private home rental nestled in a historic, mountainous, small town inside a national park. 
  1. Access to the Mariposa Grove Shuttle from Wawona 
If you’re a guest at The Redwoods, then you’re entitled to a free Mariposa Grove Shuttle from Wawona (park and ride at the Wawona General Store near the gas station) to the newly reopened Mariposa Grove Plaza, from where another quick 5 minute bus/shuttle takes you inside the giant sequoia grove.  
  1. Fall asleep underneath the Redwoods or lay on a meadow stargazing
There is nothing more serene than staying away from the city buzz, to fall asleep underneath a clear sky in the shade of the Redwoods. You can see just why Theodore Roosevelt had his breath taken away when he first arrived here. There is nothing like enjoying the early mornings, sunset, and evenings in the tranquility of Yosemite’s spectacular natural beauty, so grab the blanket and a picnic basket, and find your spot under Wawona’s starry skies this summer and fall!


Have we convinced you to plan your next stay within the Yosemite National Park?

All of our cozy Redwoods cabins and spacious vacation homes are located in Wawona, at the Southern entrance of Yosemite, just 6 miles from the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias (don’t forget the free shuttle access). Relaxing and private, our fully equipped vacation homes and cabins border the wild and scenic South Fork of The Merced River, the Wawona swinging bridge and Chilnualna Falls (the second highest vertical drop waterfalls in Yosemite)! Our Event Center includes full use of the Fireside Room and adjacent deck, with an audio and visual equipment and a catering kitchen. Many of our cabins are pet friendly, some feature spa tubs, and all have private decks with BBQ’s and upgraded linens for that, “Home Away from Home” experience. Relax, explore, escape! 

Find your cozy cabin or spacious vacation home here!

Text collaborator: Christina Kantzavelos, BuenQamino



Stay inside Yosemite National Park in historic Wawona in one of our 120 fully equipped cozy cabins or spacious vacation homes and receive 10% OFF of your entire stay! Call us at (844) 871-0412 or  use coupon code REDWOODS10 at checkout on our website.

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Written by Christina Kantzavelos, BuenQamino
When you visit Yosemite, every view in the park feels like a wonder. Every minute you are surrounded by the sheer beauty and natural amazement everywhere you look; a rushing river, a waterfall, a glistening lake. You are confronted with breathtaking vistas, a seemingly never-ending redwood trees, giant granite cliffs that have seen the beginning of time, and more. We’ve come up with a list of the most spectacular places in the park.
1. El Capitan 
Standing at 7,500 ft above sea level, El Capitan is arguably the most prominent geographic feature in the park, and the largest exposed piece of granite rock in the world. Plus it is also known as one of the iconic Apple desktop backdrops. Don’t forget your binoculars if you’d like to catch a glimpse of rock climbers scaling it. Aside from El Capitan being wonderous all on its own at any time of day, it’s also home to the once-a-year phenomenon of Horsetail Falls. The magic happens when the “stars align” and the mix of a seasonal waterfall, granite rock, cloudless day, and a sunset meet for a 10-minute jaw-dropping vision of…well, Google it.
2. Mariposa Grove 
Mariposa Grove is home of some of the tallest and oldest trees in the world, including the 1,800-year-old Grizzly Giant. Redwood trees are globally known for their soaring heights and wide girth and the cones are a symbol of the National Park Service. There are amazing hikes in the grove for all skill levels, including the Big Trees Loop, Grizzly Giant Loop, Guardians Loop Trail and Mariposa Grove Trail to Wawona Point. 
3.The Mist Trail (Vernal Falls) 
Vernal Falls is a 317 foot high waterfall that is one of the most popular hikes in the park, and for good reason. It almost always has water flowing, and there are two trail options to reach the top, including the John Muir Trail. There is often a rainbow to be seen next to Vernal Falls. Keep in mind, it’s not called the ‘mist trail’ for no reason. It gets misty, and slippery, so make sure to bring proper hiking shoes especially if you plan to continue on the trail to reach Nevada Falls, and eventually, Half Dome. 
4. Wawona Tunnel and Tunnel View 
The Wawona tunnel is the longest tunnel in California, and it leads you to Tunnel View, which looks eastwards into Yosemite Valley giving you the perfect family snapshot of Half Dome, El Capitan and Bridalveil Fall (perhaps that should’ve been listed as #8?). Wawona is also home to Mariposa Grove, and is the birthplace of the idea for a national parks establishment.
5. Glacier Point 
Sixteen miles of winding roads lead you to one of the of the prettiest viewpoints of the valley. Standing 3,000 ft above the valley floor, it’s a great place to watch the sunset fall over Yosemite valley or get a clear view of the milky way at night. Another reason why Glacier Point is amazing? It transforms into Yosemite Ski and Snowboard Area in the winter with 10 ski runs, and tons of other winter activities! Keep in mind that Glacier Point is closed part of the year due to weather conditions, so check the Yosemite website before traveling.
6. Half Dome 
Another prominent geographic feature in the valley and famous photo op. Many people hike this when seasonally appropriate though you can see it from other areas in Yosemite valley, including Glacier Point. To view it up close and personal, you must hike a strenuous 17-mile round trip trail can be done in one or two-days with a permit, offering you stunning panoramic views of the park at the top and proper bragging rights. 
7. Tuolumne Meadows 
Just when you thought Yosemite couldn’t get more picturesque, you come across Tuolumne Meadows, which is home to its own unique wonders. Weather permitting, you are able to see Cathedral Peak, Lembert Dome, Pothole Dome, Fairview Dome, Tuolumne River Bridge, Budd Creek and Tuolumne pools. Enjoy the blooming fields of wildflowers, gorgeous peaks, and peaceful Alpine landscape. 
Looking for a cabin near these Scenic Wonders?
All of our 120 Redwoods In Yosemite cabins & vacation homes are located in historic Wawona, near the South Entrance of Yosemite National Park, just a few miles from the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias (free direct shuttle access to the grove when you stay with us!). Relaxing and private, our fully equipped vacation homes border the wild and scenic South Fork of The Merced River, the Wawona swinging bridge and Chilnualna Falls (the second highest vertical drop waterfalls in Yosemite) and the pet friendly Wawona Meadow Loop trail! Our Event Center includes full use of the Fireside Room and adjacent deck, with audio & visual equipment and a catering kitchen. Many of our cabins are pet friendly, some feature spa tubs, and all have private decks with BBQ’s and upgraded linens for that, “Home Away from Home” experience. Come on up! Relax. Explore. Escape!