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Nevada Falls in Yosemite

10 Things to Do in Yosemite this Spring

Visiting Yosemite in the Spring is a huge treat. It’s the ideal season for waterfalls, warmer weather, plentiful rivers and creeks, blooming flowers, reopened trails and roads, smaller crowds and inexpensive lodging. You’ll soon realize it’s pretty on, for being off-season. 1. Go Chase Some Waterfalls Waterfalls and cascades are at their peak volume and …Read More

What does The Redwoods In Yosemite mean to you?

Over generations, countless visitors have driven down a meandering Chilnualna Falls Road in Yosemite for the first time in search of an answer to that question. To those that made that journey, we all were that person at one point in our lives and the uniqueness of that initial memory, and those that ensued, is …Read More

The Good Old Days

Story by Virginia Wyatt of Cabins 43R & 44R From the Recollections of Life and Events in Wawona series I am reminiscing today and invite you to take a trip down memory lane with me as I am in the winter of my life, spring: being to my children and youth, summer: adults, working hard …Read More

Star Party and Solar Eclipse Viewing This August in Yosemite

The Redwoods In Yosemite would like to share the latest information from our friends at the UC Merced Yosemite Field Station in Wawona, just on the corner of Chilnualna Falls Rd and Highway 41 in Yosemite. Join us, Sunday, August 20th, from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM at the UC Merced Yosemite Field Station in …Read More

Wawona Evening Bear Visits

Story by Norm Serra (Cabin 11) from the series Recollections Of Life And Events in Wawona We first came in 1961 and stayed at Mr. Kessler’s (Yosemite Pines) big cabin on Chilnualna Falls Road, now cabin #80, owned by Dick and Carol Chatterton. We stayed in that house again in 1967, the year we bought our …Read More

Redwoods Origins

Story by Ralph Harder of Cabin 3A              Although I am an Original 73, I was not part of the core group that formed the Corporation. You, hopefully will hear/have heard from Bob Dunn, Elmer Green, and others still living about that. In fact, for the prior two years I …Read More

Recollections of Life and Events in Wawona Part IV – by Norman May

Norman May – The “C” Cabins   The May family arrived in Wawona on April 3rd, 1933. Norman’s father, Harold, was a rock crusher operator for Granite Construction. After a stay at Cambria in 1932 where Harold crushed rock for the original coastal highway from San Simeon to Morro Bay, he moved on to the next …Read More

The Redwoods In Yosemite Cabin 24 History

Cabin 24 – A Story by Anthony Cooley

Recollections of Life and Events in Wawona part I   In 1954 Major Warren H. Cooley and his wife Alice were invited by a fellow army officer to spend some time at a place called Wawona.  During this visit they both fell in love with the fantastic surroundings and peaceful environment. At a party on …Read More